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a5c7b9f00b A martial artist hunts a killer in a plague-infested urban dump of the future.
Set in a post-apocalyptic future where starvation and disease are plaguing the few remaining inhabitants of Earth. Scientists are close to discovering a cure for the plague that is sweeping the country. Gibson Rickenbacker is a strong fighter who leads a group to Atlanta to gain information needed for the cure, along the way attempting to avoid the villains.
Pearl Prophet is trying to escape a band of pirates. She is a cyborg carrying valuable information to the doctors in Atlanta looking for a cure to the plague. Gibson Rickenbacker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a mercenary or a slinger who temporarily rescues her. Pearl is quickly captured by Fender&#39;s gang. Fender intends to go to Atlanta with Pearl as his hostage. The pirates kill for a boat. Gibson follows them on the road and is joined by Nady Simmons.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a second rate action B-movie. The production, the acting and the script are all lower quality. There isn&#39;t much to recommend other than Van Damme in this post apocalyptic world. Its best hope is for great action but it&#39;s not filmed that well. It still has Van Damme kicking and possibly has some campy cult value. It doesn&#39;t have much more.
The basic components for a serviceable &#39;Mad Max&#39; rip-off are all here, but the story is so listless and the pacing so slack–even at 85 minutes–that it totally undermines the film&#39;s relative strengths.<br/><br/>Van Damme may not exactly be Brando, but he normally has an easy charm that buoys even his worst films. Not so here, as JC is asked to be a brooding anti-hero. This robs the film of its greatest asset right off the bat. The rest of the cast mostly just growl. So much so that *my* throat was sore by the end.<br/><br/>Schlockmaster Albert Puyn does do a decent job of creating his post-apocalyptic world on a shoestring budget, and there are a couple of solid moments (the flashbacks that set up the history between JC and the villain, a fight in an abandoned factory) and some great shots (JC suspended above a toadie by doing the splits between two walls) but none of it is enough to save this tedious dreck.

Gibson Rickenbacker (Jean-Claude Van Damme), a martial arts warrior/mercenary, living in the post apocalyptic United States, comes to the rescue of a woman named Pearl Prophet (Dale Haddon) and discovers she is a cyborg, created by scientists in Atlanta to find information to a plague that has swept across the world and left the world in ruins, as the scientists are working on a cure to the plague and need the information to complete their work. Pearl is kidnapped by Fender Tremolo (Vincent Klyn), the evil leader of a gang of warriors called &quot;The Pirates&quot; and Fender decides to take Pearl back to Atlanta and wants the cure for himself. Gibson, decides to go after Fender and rescue Pearl. Joined by Nady Simmons (Deborah Richter), a young woman, whose family died from the plague and was hiding, when Fender and the Pirates attacked a settlement and stole a boat. Gibson sets out to confront Fender, whom murdered his family, a young woman named Mary (Terrie Batson) and her younger brother, whom hired Gibson to escort them out of a city to a safe place, after The Pirates killed their father and forced his adoptive daughter Haley (Haley Paterson), to join his gang. no,but fender makes a referance to Blade Runner by saying &quot;we have a skinjob&quot; The old British BBFC 18 Versions are extremely censored. More than three minutes of action sequences are missing. There is also an uncensored versions available on DVD in the UK. Maze. Gibson saw Nady more as a daughter or sister. After Mary was murdered by Fender and his Pirates, Gibson could never love another woman. Because Fender knew he was outmatched against a group of bandits also the real life answer is that there would be no story otherwise. Yes. Albert Pyun was hired to direct a sequel to Masters of the Universe, which was to be called &quot;Masters of the Universe 2: The Cyborg&quot;. The film, which took place after the 1st film, followed He-Man, who returns to Earth to do battle with Skeletor, when Skeletor destroys the Earth, leaving it as a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The script was written, the sets and costumes were prepared. But Cannon films and Mattel decided to cancel production on the film, due to &quot;Masters of the Universe&quot; flopping at the box office. Albert Pyun got screenwriter Kitty Chalmers to rewrite the script and it became the script for a sci-fi action story, set in a post apocalyptic America and was the story of a young warrior, who sets off in pursuit of an evil gang of warriors that have kidnapped a female cyborg, and that script was the script for &quot;Cyborg&quot;. Yes, although no special features are mentioned Picture, editing, sound, music, story. Everything is different. The only remaining aspect is the action and violence since Cyborg was quite heavily censored for the &quot;R&quot; rating.
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